Custom Sheet Metal

We fabricate all different types of custom sheet metal such as drip edge, wall flashing, "Z" metal, cap flashing, fascia metal, metal awnings, chimney caps, etc, etc, etc.

Custom Condensor Cover
Prototype samples
Stainless downspout
Custom box downspout
Custom aluminum
condensor cover

These are two prototypes for a
custom box gutter and
some custom rake metal

Custom 7-7/8" square
stainless steel downspout
Custom box downspout extension
to get water from draining on concrete

chimneycap1.jpg (162803 bytes) chimneycap2.jpg (149165 bytes) chimneycap3.jpg (74279 bytes) copperawnings1.jpg (68500 bytes)
Here is a picture of a copper awning and a copper chimney cap in the background Here is a view from the back of the house Here are a couple of the guys installing a chimney cap A view of gutter and downspouts, awnings, and a chimney cap made of copper



customsheet1.JPG (145998 bytes) customsheet2.JPG (158168 bytes) customsheet3.JPG (150580 bytes) customsheet4.JPG (157559 bytes)
The slitter is used to cut sheet metal to a desired width Once the metal has been slit', it is bent on the brake Here is an example of some copper flashing fabricated at the shop All parts to this copper roof were fabricated at the shop then taken to the job site and installed


chimney_cap.JPG (153008 bytes) customsheet6.jpg (73416 bytes) customsheet8.jpg (67987 bytes) customsheet7.jpg (78771 bytes)
Chimney caps can be made to order.  The hole can be made any size for your particular application. This chimney cap has a custom spark arrestor and the whole unit was built and installed by our crew. Although there were gutters over the door, water still splashed on the porch causing rot to the door and frame. The installation of this awning will alleviate the water splashing problem.


conductorbox2.JPG (150155 bytes) conductorbox3.JPG (129705 bytes)    
Both the conductor box and box downspout were made in the shop using bronze .032 aluminum The conductor box measured about 24" tall    




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Custom sheet metal work
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